Research a Neighbourhood


Listing and Sold Results

Dynamic display of listing and sold results on a map based on customizable search criteria.

Market Stats Heat Map

Heat maps of key market indicators including average sale price, growth rate and market turnover at the municipal, community or block levels.

Custom Area Market Stats

Perform custom polygon searches for listings/sales and derive average price, growth rate, number of sales and turn over for a specific area.

School Index Map Layer

View all public, catholic and French schools on the map – sorted by elementary and secondary schools.

Points of Interest Map Layer

View local area restaurants, gas stations, shopping and more – on the mobile app interface.

Demographics Map Layer

Thematic layer of key socio-economic neighbourhood differentiators including income, education, family status, and more…

Condominium Search

Quickly view all units in a condominium by row/level including sales dates and prices.