Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is ViMO?
  2. What features does ViMO have?
  3. Who can purchase ViMO?
  4. How do I subscribe to ViMO?
  5. How do I install ViMO?
  6. Which mobile device is supported?
  7. How do I use ViMO?
  8. How long does it take to download content?
  9. Does the app work with Wi-Fi?
  10. Forgot your password?
  11. If I enter a client in ViMO will it be added to my contacts on my iPad?
  12. If I need to reinstall the ViMO app on my iPad for any reason will I need to re-enter all of my data?
  13. What is an engagement?
  14. Where does the data for Listings and Sales come from?
  15. Do I have to indicate which LRO I am searching in ViMO?
  16. In the Market section, what do block and community mean?
  17. In the Market section, are the schools shown in the catchment area of the property?
  18. Can I generate a report to email to my client?
  19. Why does it take so long to generate a report to email to my client?
  20. How will the Forms section work?
  21. Why does ViMO make me log in again when I switch between apps?
  22. What is the source of information for Demographic data in ViMO?
  23. Why are commercial and industrial property sales not show in the numbers of sales summary when I use the draw feature?
  24. What is the radius used for the neighbourhood sales results in the client report generated in ViMO?
  25. How is the growth rate calculated?
  26. How is the market turnover calculated?
  27. In the Layers tab, what is the source of data for the maps?
  28. Why do some areas show Growth Rate as n/a in the Layers tab?
  29. Can I search by a person’s name or corporation?
  30. What should I do if I can’t find the property by address?